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Fort McMurray, AB

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Whether you are in need of Abrasive Sandblasting, vapor blasting, industrial coatings, or rope access solutions, Mikiwam has the solution for you!


The benefits of vapor blasting far outweigh the benefits of traditional blasting methods.  Some of these benefits includes a safer, more environmentally friendly and cost-saving technology along with a 92% reduction in dust due to the use of water vapor and a 75% reduction in blast media usage.   Also, due to the use of water vapor, the work area is far reduced allowing for other trades to work in the immediate area, thus alleviating loss of production in surrounding jobs.


Mikiwam offers our customers various forms of blasting alternatives, one of which is traditional sandblasting.  Traditional sandblasting is used for specific applications where requested by the customers.  Sandblasting is carefully controlled, using an alternate air supply, protective wear, and proper ventilation.  Our Blasting professionals are extensively trained and knowledgeable on this process.


At Mikiwam we offer an array of industrial coatings including but not limited to concrete, steel application, mining equipment, chemical and water/wastewater treatments.  This includes epoxy coatings, floor coatings, heat resistance coatings, wet surface coatings, roof, pipe and tank coatings to name a few.  We take pride in the durability and longevity of our coatings and will always work to ensure customer satisfaction.  We employ those who have NACE certification to ensure we are able to service all industries.  We have the dedication, knowledge and experience to help you find the products you need for any industrial business.


We go where others can’t.  At Mikiwam we provide industrial rope access solutions including inspection, repair and maintenance with various trades.  Our experienced Rope Access Technicians will provide customized solutions and as well as training for your personnel.  Mikiwam is SPRAT certified company. We employ various levels of rope access technicians to complete wide range of projects safely. With rope access we are able complete jobs in a shorter time frame than conventional methods, saving both time and money.


At Mikiwam we are pleased to be able to offer our customers a wide range of services including our welding field services.  Our on-site and in-house fabrication capabilities ensure that your work will be completed on time and within budget.  We focus on responsive customer service which makes us an excellent choice for your quick turnaround jobs or any other customized work.  We provide portable welding and repair, structural fabrication and customized site fabrication and installation. We are ready for last minute deployment.  We occupy in excess of a 10,000 square foot facility with crane capabilities.  We are a leading providing of advanced maintenance, repair and overhaul services.